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We believe that ever learning is an essential foundation in training in the latest computer technologies. To build a successful career in the IT industry you need some more interesting bricks like which influence students are trained in a multicultural atmosphere. We mainly focus on student-centered interactive learning which is especially significant in the way of leading today’s computerized business environment.

My Career Mitra prominence is given to the full extent projects by maximum practical learning through simulated projects designed methodically and insightfully as per the needs of the industry.  My Career Mitra concretely shared a belief that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is quite evident from the fact that the Diploma courses offer more practical learning than theory, this computer time leading the main role in modern education.

About Tally

Accounting is one of the most common work profiles in any business organization for which various tools are used to perform accounting functions efficiently. Tally enterprise resource planning tool which is highly popular in the field due to the various benefits it offers to the Accountant and business organization. Tally is computer software which is widely used for accounting purposes by small and medium businesses. Tally Software is used for recording business transactions such as sales and purchase transactions, inventory management, taxation transactions, payroll management, GST calculations, and much more.

Tally ERP 9 is the latest version accounting business management software tool used for performing Complex operations such as sales and purchase management, financial and inventory management, preparation of invoice, reporting, and management information system. Tally ERP9 course includes GST compliance, setting up GST rates, sales, and purchase ledger, developing income and expense ledger, recording and reporting various transactions under GST, challan reconciliation, status reconciliation.

Who can Learn

Anyone who wants to perform accounting, business management inventory and taxation work can learn Tally. Every commerce student must learn Tally Software because the majority of industries and companies are using this software in their day to day works.

People who work in the accounting fields as Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Tax Consultants or any other professionals can learn it. Every business owner must learn Tally so that they can analyze their data, know the sales and profits of the company, cash flows, finance, reporting and other useful information that can help in taking the right decisions.


To learn Tally a candidate should have completed secondary education, i.e. 10+2 in commerce or arts or science or an equivalent course. Basic knowledge of Business Management and Accounting is preferred. Learning this Tally course can act as a professional boost if you are planning to get a job in the field of Accounting. Knowing about below topics like accounting, billing, sales, and profit analysis, banking, inventory, taxation (GST, TDS, TCS) is an added advantage.

Course Features



Designed by Experts
Most Advanced Course Contents
Includes Videos, Assignments & Guides


Application Based Learning

Hands on Training
Theory & Practical Labs
Case Studies & Live Projects


Connect to Mentor

Guidance from our expert trainees
Get exclusive one on one Instructor
Can be in touch after course completion


Student Support Team

Separate dedicated support team to
our students beyond classroom hours
Buzzing students to interact each other


Interview preparation

Conducting mock exams regularly
Help students to improve new skills
Arranging sample interviews frequently

Interview Preparation

Resume Preparation

Guide on preparing dedicated Resumes
Job Assistance and Job Assurance
Provides with previous resumes

Tally Training Course Content

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Different Accounting Concepts

Creating a Company profile

What is Debit Note and Credit Note

What is Stock Creation and Stock Journal

Invoicing (Bill Wise Details With DIS / Without DIS)

Various Voucher Types(Purchase, Sales, Contra, Payment, Receipt, Memo)

What are Zero Valued Entries

Different Cost Categories & Cost Centres

What is Actual & Billed QTY

What is a Point Of Sale means?

What is a Budget?


What are Multi Currencies

What is meant by Additional Cost Of Purchase

What are Multiple Price Levels and Price List

What is Rejection in and Outward

What do you mean by Reorder Level

How to calculate Bill Of Material

What is Banking Accounting means?

Payroll, Job Costing & Manufacturing journal?

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