To make an individual to become a technically sound person in Industrial Automation by providing world class training with hands on experience.


To help every individual in a best way to make a benchmark in the field of Automation. Create a platform in leading to a technology aware country.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is a method used to control systems such as computers, PLCs, Microcontrollers to control machinery and processes to reduce the need for human beings at hazardous conditions. Every industrial sector like process control, production, machine tools, and manufacturing industries are adopted with Industrial automation techniques.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

Increase in high productivity

High Quality and high flexibility

High information accuracy

High safety

Reduces manpower

Saves alot of time

Top Automation Brands

Rockwell Automation

Asea Brown Boveri


Honeywell Process Solutions

Schneider Electric

Mitsubishi electric

Yokogawa electric

Omron Automation

Ge-Fanuc Automation

Emerson Process Managment

Future scope of Automation

Industries whether small or medium or big are getting automated with the help of Industrial Automation. By seeing new technologies in the automation market every industry is shifting from manual automation to full automation. So the demand for automation products, projects and its services is increasing undoubtfully.

Currently, the automotive industry is highly dependent on PLC and SCADA and this high demand in the automation sector can clearly tell us how important the PLC and SCADA engineers to be in the future. Engineers from instrumentation, electronics, electrical, mechatronics, chemical and mechanical should upgrade themselves to become the shining stars in this industry.

Applications Of Industrial Automation

Process Industries:

Paper Plant
steel plant

Production Industries:


Building Management Systems:


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Industrial Automation Training is all about?

Industrial automation is the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and information technologies for handling different processes and machinery in an industry to replace a human being by using Microprocessors, Micro-Controllers, PLCs, Relays, VFDs, HMIs for its operations and control.

What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

This course is suitable for the students who completed their Diploma or Graduation in the field of Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Electronics and Instrumentation. Mechanical, Chemical and Mg or BSC in Electronics.

Why take Industrial Automation Training?

As we all know that whatever the Industry it maybe it always focuses on increasing its production, sales, market values, and profits. So in order to increase any companies productivity, the Industry always concentrates to implement the latest technologies, and that can happen only through Automation. This automation market is a never-dying field that we can choose for our bright career and future.

Are there any modules in this Automation course?

Yes, there are few different modules in this course and the modules differ by the number of PLCs, SCADA, DCS, HMI, VFDs we choose for your training. The selection of more number of PLCs, SCADAs, VFDs for training increases in duration and fee of the course.

Certified Automation Engineer (4 PLC’s + 2 SCADAs + 1 VFD)

Advanced Certified Automation Engineer (6PLCs + 3SCADAs + 1VFD + 1HMI + Pnuematics & Field Instruments, Panel Wiring)

Advanced Training In Industrial Automation (7PLCS + 4SCADAs + 1DCS + 1VFD + 1HMI + Pnuematics & Field Instruments, Panel Wiring)

How can My Career Mitra help in learning this course?

We started our careers in the field of Industrial Automation as Junior Engineers and the struggles we faced with a lack of resources for our training made us to combine with this platform to share our experiences. Our motive is to help every graduate who is trying to enter into this field by our teachings and training. A group of working professionals was trying their best in providing the best information to these community members on the new technologies of Automation on day to day basis. We want everyone to stay connected with this platform to update yourself about Automation.

How to choose an Automation Training Institute?

Choose an institute that gives only automation training. Look into the labs and know what PLCs are they teaching. Join in an institution where the trainer has real-time field experience. Talk to the present and past students of that institute and who collect their feedbacks. Discuss with management to give a discounted fee for your joining telling them that I won’t tell this to any others.

What will be the duration and fee of this course?

What will be the duration and fee of this course?
On My Career Mitra portal, we provide free education on the Industrial Automation course from beginner to advanced levels. The duration and fee will differ according to the module we choose in training if we are choosing a module with less number of PLCs, SCADAs, VFDs for your training then the fee will be less.

The starting fee for this course will be around 12000 to 15000 (3 PLCs + 1 SCADA + 1 VFD + 1 HMI + Panel wiring) and the duration will be 2 months. If you are choosing a bigger module like (7 PLCs + 3 SCADAs + 2 VFDs + 1 DCS + 1 HMI + Panel wiring) then the fee will be 45000 to 50000 and duration will be 6 months.

My suggestion is to learn a single PLC (Siemens/AB/Schneider) + 1 SCADA + 1 VFD + 1 HMI + Panel wiring, but which no institute gives a chance to learn like this. Learning PLC is like using an Android mobile where brand names changes but the process of using is same for every PLC / SCADA/ VFD / HMI.

What is the value of an Industrial Automation Certificate?

Our Education system made us rely more on certificates than our talents. A certificate is important but it doesn’t mean it is mandatory. Basic training in Industrial Automation is sufficient with practical knowledge to enter into the fields of Automation. It’s absolutely the knowledge you possess and outputs you show increases the weight to your resume for a job.

Do the institutions provide placements after this course?

No. Absolutely no.
Providing placements to every individual who joined in the institution is not possible. An institution can only provide you with assistance and guidance on how to apply for a job and attend an interview. At final it’s you the one who has to work hard in getting a job.

How to get a job after course completion?

It’s very easy to get a job as a fresher than an experienced guy. You may think I am a liar at this point, but I am very true getting a job for a fresher is always easy. Let me explain to you how to get a job – Don’t register for job sites first, just type in google as industrial automation companies in Coimbatore / Chennai / Kerala or plc companies in Coimbatore/ Chennai/ Kerala or SCADA companies in Coimbatore/ Chennai / Kerala try like this with every keyword to get more data about companies and see every individual website, know type of job works they are doing and clients they are dealing with.

By going all these websites, you can get clarity about what the present industry is all about, what you learned now and where you must update yourself. Then modify your resume to attract the recruiter as per their job requirements and company standards. By collecting all email ids, addresses, phone numbers through Google/ Linkedin / Facebook / Indiamart send your resume with an email stating you are looking for an internship and tell a good reason why they have to hire you.

And this process of collecting data can help to any industry. Data is everything so collect data first and then apply for a job.

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