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We believe that ever learning is an essential foundation in training in the latest computer technologies. To build a successful career in the IT industry you need some more interesting bricks like which influence students are trained in a multicultural atmosphere. We mainly focus on student-centered interactive learning which is especially significant in the way of leading today’s computerized business environment.

My Career Mitra prominence is given to the full extent projects by maximum practical learning through simulated projects designed methodically and insightfully as per the needs of the industry.  My Career Mitra concretely shared a belief that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is quite evident from the fact that the Diploma courses offer more practical learning than theory, this computer time leading the main role in modern education.

About Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware and Networking Training will give you a total exposure on how the computers and their networks work in different stages. Hardware and networking comprise a logical interlink of several computers and other related equipment like scanners, printers, modems, routers, databases, servers, etc.,

Technology is playing an important role in our daily lives and the demand for professionals with the skills to troubleshoot the computers will remain in high demand. So Computer Hardware and Hardware is the best field to enter now to become a pivotal member of an IT team.

Computer Hardware and Networking Certifications

A+ Certification

N+ Certification

CCNA Certification

MCSE Certification

Who can Learn

Any fresher or beginner who is interested and willing to make a mark in the hardware and networking field can learn can this course. Professionals consisting of fair experience in the IT domain and want to shift to hardware and networking can upgrade themselves to these certifications.


A basic understanding of computers is sufficient to attend this hardware and networking training. As we know there are four certifications in Hardware and Networking, if a candidate wants to take up CCNA Training then the candidate should possess knowledge in the networking and communications field.

If a candidate wants to take up MCSE training then he must have fair knowledge in Windows Server. For A+ training, the candidate should be familiar with the Windows environment. For N+ training, the candidate should have basic knowledge of the networking systems.

Course Features



Designed by Experts
Most Advanced Course Contents
Includes Videos, Assignments & Guides


Application Based Learning

Hands on Training
Theory & Practical Labs
Case Studies & Live Projects


Connect to Mentor

Guidance from our expert trainees
Get exclusive one on one Instructor
Can be in touch after course completion


Student Support Team

Separate dedicated support team to
our students beyond classroom hours
Buzzing students to interact each other


Interview preparation

Conducting mock exams regularly
Help students to improve new skills
Arranging sample interviews frequently

Interview Preparation

Resume Preparation

Guide on preparing dedicated Resumes
Job Assistance and Job Assurance
Provides with previous resumes

Computer Hardware & Networking Course

Introduction of laptop and desktops

comparison of various Laptops and desktops

Identification of laptops and computers sections

Study of all individual parts of laptops, desktops, CPUs, Printers, Fax machines

Checking of batteries, adaptors, connectors

Upgrading RAM, HDD and other parts

Fault finding and troubleshooting techniques

Assembling and disassembling of laptops, desktops, CPUs, Printers, Fax machines

Installation of operating systems

Installation of application softwares

Removing of virus and installation of anti-virus

Software troubleshooting techniques

Data recovery

Network basics

Network-to-network connections

Network access control

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Security practices

Wired internetworking devices

Wired communication standards

Wired computer-to-computer connections

Wireless networking

Security threats and mitigation

Building a Simple Network

Establishing Internet Connectivity

Managing Network Device Security

Introducing IPv6

Building a Medium-Sized Network

Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity

Wide Area Networks

Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution

Implementing a Scalable OSPF-Based Solution

Network Device Management

Server introduction

Basic of networking

Active directory(ad)

Ntfs permissions

Active directory(ad) objects

Group policy

Ad backup and restore

Configure account policies

Additional Domain Controller

IFM (Install From Media)

FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operation)

RODC (Read Only Domain Controller)


Child /Tree/Forest/Trust

DNS Installing

Ad Partition, Ad Site and Subnet

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

IIS (Internet Information Service)

NLB (Network Load Balancing)

WDS (Windows Deployment Service)

DFS (Distributed File System)

Raids and Storage

Hyper – V

Vmware Workstation

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