Our Philosophy

We believe that ever learning is an essential foundation in training in the latest computer technologies. To build a successful career in the IT industry you need some more interesting bricks like which influence students are trained in a multicultural atmosphere. We mainly focus on student-centered interactive learning which is especially significant in the way of leading today’s computerized business environment.

My Career Mitra prominence is given to the full extent projects by maximum practical learning through simulated projects designed methodically and insightfully as per the needs of the industry. My Career Mitra concretely shared a belief that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is quite evident from the fact that the Diploma courses offer more practical learning than theory, this computer time leading the main role in modern education.

Our Ideology

We are not just teachers, We are the Masters. Teaching is not our passion or profession but creating more HACKERS like us is our only motive. Acknowledging the value for your money and time invested, My Career Mitra furnishes you with best education patterns for every hacking concepts :

We INSPIRE you to think like a Hacker

We EDUCATE you with the latest hacking methodologies

We PERPLEX you with the flavors of the concept

We TEACH you the tactics and techniques of hacking

We HELP you to know the unknown secrets of hacking world

We CREATE you the real world of hacking for your learning

CHFI Certification

CHFI Training

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator profession is one of the fastest emerging  technologies in cybersecurity field. By Computer Forensics, you will go deeper into the areas of Digital Evidence, Incident Response, Incident Handling and also learn how to setup the Forensics Labs. This course helps to have complete understanding of computer forensic training and defends an organization to repose from the fear of hackers. The course includes complete set of detecting hacker attack, reporting the crime, monitoring of the future attacks with the necessary tools, understanding the role of computer forensic investigator and practicing different strategies for extracting evidence.

This training curriculum is explicitly designed keeping in mind the requirements of the industries, the skills a certified forensic investigator must have and it is taught by the industry professional experts based on the real time experience. We will train you by providing PPT’s, CHFI exam guides, Interview facing tips and complete stuff needed to pass CHFI v9 certification

CHFI Ec – Council Exam

The Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-49 may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online prometric exam to receive CHFI certification from Ec – Council.

Exam Details:

Exam Title: Computer Hacking Forensic Invigilator (ANSI accredited)

Exam Code: 312-49 (IBT), 312-49 (VUE) or EC0-349 (APTC)

Test Format: Multiple Choice

Number of Questions in Exam: 150

Time Duration of Exam: 4 hours

Availability: Prometric Prime/ Prometric APTC/ VUE

Passing Percentage: 70%

CHFI Course Curriculum

Computer Forensics in Today’s World

Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Searching and Seizing Computers

Digital Evidence

First Responder Procedures

Computer Forensics Lab

Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems

Windows Forensics

Data Acquisition and Duplication

Recovering Deleted Files and Deleted Partitions

Forensics Investigation using Access Data FTK

Forensics Investigation Using EnCase

Steganography and Image File Forensics

Application Password Crackers

Log Capturing and Event Correlation

Network Forensics, Investigating Logs and Investigating Network Traffic

Investigating Wireless Attacks18. Investigating Web Attacks

Tracking Emails and investigating Email Crimes

Mobile Forensics

Investigative Reports

Becoming an Expert Witness

Kali Linux Training

Kali Linux is an operating system based on the Debian distribution aimed at penetration testing use in CEH training. Kali Linux provides users with easy access to a comprehensive and large collection of security-related tools ranging from port scanners to password crackers. Kali Linux is the Operating System which is specially designed and developed for Cyber Security professionals.

By using this Kali Linux tool we can Collecting Information, Performing Vulnerability Scans on Websites and mobile applications, Hacking databases, web apps and wireless networks. Kali OS is an open source operating system which is available for free on its official website.

Security Tools in Linux:

Metasploit Community Version integration

Kismet Wireless Pentesting Tool

Hydra (A Password Crackers)

Nmap (A powerful PortScanner)

Ettercap (A Network Sniffer)

BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework)

Wireshark (Industry Standard Packet Analyser)

Course Features



Designed by Experts
Most Advanced Course Contents
Includes Videos, Assignments & Guides


Application Based Learning

Hands on Training
Theory & Practical Labs
Case Studies & Live Projects


Connect to Mentor

Guidance from our expert trainees
Get exclusive one on one Instructor
Can be in touch after course completion


Student Support Team

Separate dedicated support team to
our students beyond classroom hours
Buzzing students to interact each other


Interview preparation

Conducting mock exams regularly
Help students to improve new skills
Arranging sample interviews frequently

Interview Preparation

Resume Preparation

Guide on preparing dedicated Resumes
Job Assistance and Job Assurance
Provides with previous resumes

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