Our Philosophy

We believe that ever learning is an essential foundation in training in the latest computer technologies. To build a successful career in the IT industry you need some more interesting bricks like which influence students are trained in a multicultural atmosphere. We mainly focus on student-centered interactive learning which is especially significant in the way of leading today’s computerized business environment.

My Career Mitra prominence is given to the full extent projects by maximum practical learning through simulated projects designed methodically and insightfully as per the needs of the industry.  My Career Mitra concretely shared a belief that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is quite evident from the fact that the Diploma courses offer more practical learning than theory, this computer time leading the main role in modern education.

About Photoshop

Photoshop is a computer program used to enhance, adjust, manipulate, change and create images of all kinds. Adobe Photoshop is the professional industry-standard image editing tool that is used worldwide by photographers and graphic designers to perfect digital images. Photoshop helps in converting your images into the workings of your imagination and showcase them for the world to see.

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector-based designing and drawing software tool that allows for creating the entire compositions with single design elements. To create logos, symbols, patterns, posters, icons, etc designers use Adobe Illustrator tool. Adobe Illustrator is the highly used market-standard, a vector-based design tool that is used for treating everything from logos to interface mockups.

Adobe InDesign is an industry-standard designing tool used in combining text, images, vectors and other prepared content into a finished product. Adobe InDesign is mainly used by major print publications such as magazines and newspapers which has the ability to create digital content as well including interactive PDFs to full-fledged iPad applications.

Who can Learn

Anybody who has an interest in image editing, collage making, image manipulation and making various effects on the digital images can learn this photoshop. Freshers or beginners with good computer skills can learn it easily.


Knowing how to use a computer and its related equipment mouse, keyboard, and printer. Candidate should be familiar with creating and accessing folders and downloading and saving files to the system. Having expertise in acquiring digital images, either with a digital camera, using images scanned onto CDs or scanning film prints will be an added advantage.

Course Features



Designed by Experts
Most Advanced Course Contents
Includes Videos, Assignments & Guides


Application Based Learning

Hands on Training
Theory & Practical Labs
Case Studies & Live Projects


Connect to Mentor

Guidance from our expert trainees
Get exclusive one on one Instructor
Can be in touch after course completion


Student Support Team

Separate dedicated support team to
our students beyond classroom hours
Buzzing students to interact each other


Interview preparation

Conducting mock exams regularly
Help students to improve new skills
Arranging sample interviews frequently

Interview Preparation

Resume Preparation

Guide on preparing dedicated Resumes
Job Assistance and Job Assurance
Provides with previous resumes

Photoshop Training Course Content


The Welcome Screen

Document Window

The Toolbox

Menus list


Options Bar



Tool Bar

Different Selection Tools

Transform Tools

Image Mixing & retouching Tools

Brush Tool using Scenery

Shading, Gradient, pattern Tools

Create Different Shaping Tools

Typing Tools

Shape & Path Different

Edit Menu

Paste Special

Puppet wrap

Prespective wrap

Auto-Align Layers

Auto-Blend Layers

Create Brush

Create Pattern

Create Custom Shape

Select Menu

Select & Deselect

Inverse Selection

Color Range

Modify options

Link Layers

Load Selection

Channel Option

Save Selection

3D Effect

Create 3D text

Create 3D Shape

3D Properties

Apply Materials

Apply Light

Different Light & color

Add 3D Shape

Render 3D File

Filter Effect

Filter Gallery

Vanishing Point

Blur Gallery

Light Effects

Create Texture

Create Text Effects

Lens Effects

Create Background pattern

Layer Options

Rename a Layer

Position the Layers

Layer Opacity

Draging Layer

Link Layers

Invisible Layers

Delete Layer

Duplicate Layers

Selection Layers

Transform Tools

Layer Styles and Layer masks

Merge Layers

Vector Mask

Clipping Mask

Smart Object Layer

Layer Group & Ungroup


Overview of Drawing tools

Editing the object

Use Transformation

Page Properties

Differentiate Mode of Color

Fill, Outline Color

Different shapes

Type Text

Shape Fill and Outline

Fill Color

Fountain Fill

Texture Fill

PostScript Fill

Outline Pen

Outline Two Colors

Outline Thickness

Outline Convert Curve

Draw Shape

Convert Object

Object to Shape work

Convert To Curve

Combine two lines



File Menu

Edit Menu

View Menu

Arrange Menu

Layout Menu

Filter Menu

Text Menu

Table Menu

Interactive Effects

Blend Effects

Countour Effects

Drop Shadow





Fill Tool


Mesh Fill


Ruler, Guides, Grids, Workspace


Pen tool

Basic Shapes

Editing shapes




Shape Distort Tools

Symbol Editing Tools

Graph Tools

Type Tools

Brush Tool

Gradient Tool

Live paint,Live trace

Path Blend,Envelope

Filter Effect

Illustrator filters



Photoshop Filters

Illustrator effects

Convert to shape


Effects gallery


File Menu

Edit Menu

Select Menu

Type Menu

3D Effect

Create 3D Glass,Pen

3D properties

Apply Symbols

Create New Symbols

3D Logo

3D Rotation

3D Shine, Matt effects

Convert 3D to Shape

Introduction to Indesign

Knowing Indesign interface

Pagesetup in Indesign

Knowing tools

Drawing Circle, rectangle,

polygon and shapes

Importing images and adjusting

Understaning character pallete

Understaning paragraph pallete

Scale, Rotate, Skew, Duplicate

Using colors

Using layers

Inserting table


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